Editing Services

Thank you for considering my services. Here is a detailed description of terms, my procedure and fees.

Definition of terms:

  1. Revision addresses large-scale issues like general focus, purpose, content, audience, plot, pacing and organization. The author makes revisions early in the writing process while the ideas are still taking shape.
  2. Editing addresses smaller-scale issues like word choice, style, tone, sentence structure and the effectiveness of the document’s transitions. Editing is the second step of the writing process.
  3. Proofreading concerns the appearance of a document and corrects errors in punctuation, spelling, formatting and word usage. Proofreading is the final step.

Editing/Proofreading procedure:

Email your manuscript as a RTF or .doc file and a story outline with character descriptions, relationships, and any other pertinent information, preferably in an Excel spreadsheet. I critically read the novel with attention to detail and list my comments and editing suggestions directly on the source document using the Highlight Changes feature of MS Word’s Track Changes function.

I charge $30/hour or a flat fee of $1,000 for a full-length novel. The flat fee for a novella or a short story is less. All manuscripts include an initial and then a second, final edit usually done before sending. No matter if your manuscript is a thousand words or a hundred thousand, rest assured you’ll get the same professional attention to detail.

If you prefer I can send the document after the first edit and upon receiving the approved, revised version, I will do the final edit. If you have a killer deadline requiring me to reprioritize other works-in-progress, we can discuss the implications. I will happily edit/proofread three sample pages at no cost or obligation.

Judy Stone, editor/proofreader

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